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I'm so excited to offer this to appreciators who enjoy the music I make. Subscribe and you'll get everything I have released thus far, plus unreleased instant gratification via the Bandcamp apps for iOS and Android, along with photos, videos, pdfs and recipes (yes, recipes).

This year I set a goal to improve the way I record and release music. I can't do it without you...I really wouldn't want to do it without you. Your subscription will help me make, market and release music, as well as allow me to gear up for touring and live sets. I'd love to bring you this music in person on tour.

Support me and get any and everything I release, in addition to exclusive material, just for this community. I'll even throw in additional material I make for other artists I produce, just for you!

With that said.... I make music, but without you it's just silence! Join me!

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      Dear friend, I don't know who you are. I really d... Jul 8, 2016
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Man in a Loft
Los Angeles, California
Man in a Loft is an artist/producer/dj that specializes in sensual downtempo, chill, electronica, house music and unique remixes of hiphop, R&B and pop music.

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